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Are you Bangladeshi? Or Indian? I'm from Bangladesh.

How do I download the Mac version?

It's always interesting to see how people use Games as an Educational tool to help people empathize with others. I found that the gameplay for this did a nice job of showcasing some of the emotions and experiences of women sold into the Sex Trade. Nice work and I hope you can secure funding to finish the project. 

Wonderful Game dear devs.

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Thanks so much! We've been working on a new game too. You can check it out here:  https://goo/gl/pCKQ1T

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Hi again, sorry for the late reply, unfortunately the link doesn't work, by the way i finished Missing some days ago, You guys did a good job, you deserve more than you can even imagine, i'm gonna suggest this game to other peoples because this game and you guys deserve to be known more. P.s sorry for my english, i'm italian :P

Hey thank you so much! Here's the link again sorry about the first time not working.

OMG!!! That's wonderful!!! :O