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MISSING is a Role Playing Game designed to put players in the decision making seat and allow them to experience what a ‘missinggirl’ goes through when she is trafficked into cruel world of prostitution, a world into which millions of girls are lost every year. Players assume the role of the missing person, making choices and assessing risks for themselves to find their way to freedom. Now more than ever, game developers have realized that they can use the gaming environment to shine light on important real world issues.

 Our game developer Satyajit travelled with the artist, Leena Kejriwal, to different red light districts in Kolkata to get under the skin of the issue. He worked with us through the ground research phase and interacted with survivors to understand the horrors of being trafficked.

Genre wise, MISSING is a mix between adventure, puzzle and RPG. It is developed in a responsive way so that it can be released in multiple platforms. Primarily it’s targeted at Android, IOS and PC. The game is intended for a mature audience, and aims to expose the player to the dark world of human trafficking and raise awareness.

The game was launched in October 2016. We were overwhelmed by the response. In a short 9 months the game has had 1/2 Million organic downloads, thousands of reviews and a worldwide average rating of 4.3 stars, which is no mean feet! 

The Missing Game for a cause recently won the "Indie Game of the Year Award" at the NASSCOM game developers Forum.

The Bengali version of our game has topped the Free App charts of the Google Playstore.


MISSING: Game for a Cause.exe 40 MB

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I played this on mobile I think a year ago. its terrifying how i need to check every area and every single thing i do


So heartbreaking to play, yet so necessary to understand this is happening, has been happening, and will continue to happen unless we do something about it. Thank you for sharing this piece with us. 


we are a Chinese NGO project about anti gender based violence. We invited a Chinese Game Designer to play it and made a documentary video to follow her playing process. Now we just published and wish more people notice this . Its the same case happened in China too. Thank you so much for this! here is the video: 


Are you Bangladeshi? Or Indian? I'm from Bangladesh.

How do I download the Mac version?


It's always interesting to see how people use Games as an Educational tool to help people empathize with others. I found that the gameplay for this did a nice job of showcasing some of the emotions and experiences of women sold into the Sex Trade. Nice work and I hope you can secure funding to finish the project. 

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Wonderful Game.

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Thanks so much! We've been working on a new game too. You can check it out here:  https://goo/gl/pCKQ1T

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Hi again, sorry for the late reply, the link doesn't work unfortunately.

Hey thank you so much! Here's the link again sorry about the first time not working. https://goo.gl/pCKQ1T

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That's wonderful :P